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Happy Couple


A Place to Reinstall Hope From the Inside Out

We live in a world full of unrealistic expectations, exterior pressures and uncertainty which often result in facing feelings of higher levels of anxiety, depression and inadequacy. 


At Bear Creek Recovery, we help our clients work through the modern pressures of life while helping them find a higher sense of self. Whether someone is dealing with trauma, betrayal trauma, addiction or relationship distress, we see the individual while valuing and focusing on their strengths at our clinic of caring mental health professionals.


As a partnership, we empower our clients to navigate their trials with proven strategies, all while knowing they are not alone. By applying empathy and compassion, we can see our clients transform from hopelessness to having greater hope for their futures. We see hope and innate value in every client that comes through our doors and we are excited to work with those willing to take the first step.

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